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Search Help

  All searches are Non-case sensitive, meaning you may use all caps or lower case entries.

Owner Name: When searching for property by owner name use:
 Last Name First followed by first name or initial. You may also enter only the last name as a wildcard search.

Physical Address:
 Not sure of an address?  For example, if you know the property is located in the 4000-5000 block on  Main, just enter the number "4" in the number box,  and "Main" in the street name box.   This will return all addresses that start with the number 4 on  Main such as 4  Main, 40  Main to 49  Main, 400  Main to 499 Main, 4000  Main to 4999  Main.

Do not use any punctuation such as periods for abbreviations.
 Enter block number, direction, and street name in their separate boxes.
 Do not include words such as drive, street, parkway, or the like in the street name.
If you are unsure of the street spelling just enter the first couple of letters as a wildcard search.

* Not all properties in our data base have a physical address associated with them.  The Carter County Assessor's office is required to locate and assess property by it's legal description and not it's physical address.

Mailing Address:
The mailing address can have a variety of things in this field. Such as a persons name or a PO Box number, a city or state. Both fields will be a wildcard search.

Account Number:
Accounts Numbers consist of 8 digits. Enter the appropriate account number or just use the digits with no prefix or leading zeros.

Parcel Number:
Parcel numbers are a 16 digit number. All parcel numbers are unique and follow the same format.

Addition number - section number - township or block number - range or lot number - quarter section - split - interest

Quarter Section (1=NE/4, 2=NW/4, 3=SW/4, 4=SE/4)

Addition, Lot & Block:
To list all properties in an addition do not include the Lot or Block #. (limit returned is 200) For more detailed searches, enter the Addition with Lot and Block #.

 To search the legal description input the section township and range.
Example 10 02s 03w